Sunday, July 10, 2011

Birthday Number 14

Birth Day Number 14

Number 14 People love change, excitement, and travel and they easily become bored and need the new and the exotic to feel stimulated and alive.
They are highly adaptable, which makes change easy for them and they have a gift with words and likely possess much talent as a writer or an editor.
They are highly social and work well with others as long as there are not too many restrictions to bind them.
They get restless easily, a characteristic that can make them change vocations or relationships much too quickly. 
They can be over-confident and headstrong, but they are also tend to be lucky and a natural gambler.
For Number 14 / 5 People, Beneath an exterior of calm or coolness lies much emotional turbulence, which reflects itself in their life as rapid change and mercurial mood swings.
They have a challenge to ground in a particular profession or lifestyle that will provide limits and form for their considerable creativity since they are exceedingly versatile and talented. 
They have a quick and analytical mind and they are original and practical, but can be erratic.They have to force themself to finish projects once they are started.
They must avoid the pitfalls of over-indulgence, such as sex, alcohol, drugs, and food. By grounding in a particular field and committing their considerable talents to their work,  they can make a great success of their life.

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