Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Birthday Number 16

Birth Day Number  16

Number 16 Born People have their over-powering orientation toward the philosophical and spiritual aspects of life and they are driven to understand the unseen world.
They have a fine analytical mind that is capable of penetrating beneath the surface of the subject at hand and they also have the capacity for excellent concentration.
They must use their  mind to their greatest advantage and Investigate the subjects they love and gain the depth of knowledge in these fields. Specialize. Become an expert in a given area.
They have an excellent intuition and may even possess psychic ability and so they must Trust their intuition and use it as a guide in life.
Field that suits them are - science, metaphysics, philosophy, psychology, teaching and anything that requires research and analysis on regular basis.
They prefer to work alone, rather than in a group.
They can easily lose interest in their projects, however, and must work hard to finish what they start.
They have to have faith and let opportunities come their way, they may miss out if they reach and seek.
They are very sensitive and feel deeply, but they don't share their feelings easily, nor do they        communicate them well. 

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