Friday, July 15, 2011

Birthday Number 24

Birth Day Number 24

Birthday Number 24 Born people are family-oriented, with a gift for restoring and maintaining balance and harmony in relationships.
They are emotional and sensitive and like to demonstrate their love.
They have a gift for both the healing and cultural arts.
They can be overly emotional and even melodramatic and they have a tendency to magnify their emotional issues, especially when people involve some kind of criticism of them.
They are willing to sacrifice much to maintain harmony in important relationships.
They willingly provide a soft shoulder to cry on or a ready ear to hear out someone's travail.
They are energetic, responsible and helpful, but their sympathetic nature may cause them to interfere in relationships and get them into trouble.
Their artistic talent goes in many directions, but they are likely gifted in acting and drama.
They can also do well in business because they are systematic, careful, and patient in your approach to business issues. 

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