Friday, July 15, 2011

Birthday Number 25

Birth Day Number 25

Birthday Number 25 Born people possess a sound, rational mind and keen insight.
They are logical and intellectual in their approach to life and at the same time, they have fine intuition, which, if they are able to listen to, will guide them well through life.
They are capable of investigating and researching subjects deeply.
They would fare well in the sciences, teaching, philosophy, metaphysics, and psychology.
They can become easily imbalanced in favor of the intellectual, which can make them aloof, critical, and - at the very worst - cynical.
They prefer to work alone and set their own pace and they tend to finish projects once started also they may possess artistic talent, especially in sculpture.
They are very sensitive and feel deeply, but they don't share theirr feelings easily and do not communicate them well.
They need to work hard to develop and maintain deep and important relationships.
They need to learn to share their emotions and deeper thoughts about life. Trust is the key to their emotional happiness.

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