Saturday, July 9, 2011

Birthday Number 9

Birth Day Number  9

Number 9 People are broad-minded, idealistic, and compassionate and they should obtain a wide education, especially in the arts and are highly creative. Many great artists,sportsmens and politicians are found under this number.
They must come to truly understand life to be of greater service to society since they have a greater social role to play that will require a blend of the practical and the humanitarian.
Children born on the 9th day usually take their time before choosing a profession.
They are socially oriented and have a gift of charm and are well-liked and even admired by others.  You express your feelings well, but sometimes can be a bit dramatic and Number  9's  have a strong interest in philosophy and metaphysics. Nines tend to attract money from other sources, such as inheritance or a stroke of "luck".
There is an element of sacrifice in the number 9 that demands that you learn forgiveness and unconditional love.

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