Friday, October 7, 2011

Name Numerology for City, "PUNE" - INDIA


Name Numerology of  "PUNE"  sums to tolal of 24, thus making 6 as single number in Name Numerology, It's a Number of Venus (6).

24 for Pune Name Numerology comes out of 2 & 4, Here 2 refers to Moon and 4 refers to Rahu. Both the planets add their influences to City of Pune. 2 Moon governs mind, hence in Pune... 2 of 24 attracts peoples from all walks of life and professions. Moon also bestows shining success in Business and all other investments related events.

Rahu can make someone admirable and when it combines with 24, It can take you to a peak of business you  are into. Rahu can always make you as a talk of town when comes as positive numbers.

Venus of 6 ( Name Number 24)  . Pune city attracts, business minds from all walks of society. Pune has rapidy become favourite city among minds of all generations. Pune was earlier called Poona.. / Puna ....  and later in year 2002 - 2003 city's name was  changed to Pune, and from then till date... there has been enormous growth in pune's economy. Pune now has Top Industries, Best Educational Institutions and is a Planned City with more than 15 Tourists destinations and bread & butter for all its population.

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