Friday, October 7, 2011

Name Numerology for "DUBAI" - U.A.E.

Name Numerology for  "DUBAI" -  U.A.E.

Name Numerology for "DUBAI" is 14. Its highly fascinating numbers.  It has 1 & 4 in 14, 1 is Sun and 4 is Rahu, is very strong combination for Success in Business.  Sun attracts, Drive and initiative for business whereas, Rahu does works as a mind, to equipp Dubai with strategies for Success in Business.

Business Numerology for number 14 which sums to single number of 5 is very promising, Mercuty is a planet of Name, Fame, and Success. Mercury is a planet for faster communication. It attracts everyone, people of all kind.

Number 5 is a very promising number, and will always keep "DUBAI" in limelight. As one among the most happening places among the others.

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