Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Name Numerology , Everything in this World is either Named or Numbered

Numerology is a science of Numbers

In Numerology... secret code of Numbers is decoded with help of assigned planets to each numbers, Each planet has certain characteristics and a Numerologist can help you know character traits, thereby helping you understand, strengths and weakness assigned to given birthdate number or a Name Number of person or thing.

9 Planets are assigned 9 Numbers and each number is assigend certain alphabetical letters, except for number 9, for which, no alphabet is assigned in chaldean numerology.

"Everything in this world is Either Named or Numbered"

Either it's our daily life, living beings,non-living things, things we use in daily life, office,home,school,everywhere, movie names,tv shows, project names, we use names or numbers as code to identify evrything.

Hence, in short,.... "NAME" becomes a unique identification code for all things under sky.

Since, each "NAME" is made up of many numbers put together, and when sumed together, we can reach to one single number with combination of compound number. We can decode secret character assigned to that particular number arrived and hence can predict future events, with respect to that person, or thing.

Numbers are unique code to understand each Names.

After calculating, "NAME" in "NUMBERS" we reach to one single number, this single number represents one planet out of 9 planets.

And if this planet, which comes out from "NAME NUMBER" is not in harmony with birthdate numbers, then it's obvious for subject to see problems and trouble in everything they undertake.

Hence "NUMEROLOGY" is in short a "NAME NUMEROLOGY" that is naming thing or a person... or project.. according to core numbers to bring combination of all numbers associated together to form a blend of success.

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