Tuesday, December 27, 2011

House Number Numerology

House Number Numerology

House : A house is a building or structure that has the ability to be occupied for dwelling by human beings or other creatures (courtesy wikipedia)

The Universe we live into and everything around us is an "ENERGY"

Certain things have positive energy and certain have negative energy, how do we know which is positive and which is not ?

The place we live into we call it House, A house and it's neighbourhood, street name, street number, city name number, all is energy. Most important of all is House Number, & Energy it possess. If house number energy is negative or if it doesn't resonates with core numbers of household or with house owner's core numbers, it results in trouble and hardships and misery, slow results,misfortune,loss or disaster.

Several House Numbers possess positive energy, Energy of life, of success, of leadership, of wealth, of longetivity, of Health, of happiness and all good things in life.

Science of Numerology has solution in analysing positive energy of House Number to match with core numbers of House Owner, thus helping to find a near to perfect place /house to stay in. As rightly said, """There is always a way out"""

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