Saturday, August 11, 2012

10th August... Born People, Numerology

‎10th August, Famous People Born today are Phoolan Devi (Indian Dacoit & Later Politician), William Willett (English inventor of Daylight Saving Time), Vishnu Narayan Bhatkhande (Indian musician), Chris Read (English cricketer, a wicket-keeper), Dinusha Fernando (Sri Lankan Cricketer), Joanna Garcia (American television and film actress)........................ (In Image... Series same as Named Above - Left to Right) Reason for listing above people is to make my readers understand that, each number follows certain pattern and above list reflects pattern for number 10 people, born today, as explained below. (Let's Play a Numbers Game) People born today are, Under Number 10, Now since 10 has 1 and "0" zero as suffix, Zero in suffix of any number works as a balancing part on negative tendencies of any birth Number or date or Name number in Numerology. Hence, Unlike Number 1 people, Number 10 born People will be steady, careful, and slow in responding to their opponents, and will also keep away from showing their inner most feelings or reaction, but Number 10 people do have positive aspects of Number 1 and so are, energetic, powerful personalities with passion to succeed and overcome hurdles in life Number 10 Born people, prefer to opt for love marriages, and love and affection plays a very important role in life of Number 10 people. It's always a pleasant experience to interact with Number 10 born People. According to Zodiac Sun Sign, Leo (Leo (July 23 − August 22), Leo Born people are strong willed, Masculine and have great amount of leadership qualities. Element which Rules Sun Sign Leo is "Fire", hence these people are also fiery and Aggressive.


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This post is great. Thank you for this post. I like this type of people who share knowledge with others. Indian astrology Know your path ahead and walk towards a glorious future.


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