Saturday, August 11, 2012

11th August... Born People, Numerology

11th August, Famous People born today are Suniel Shetty (Indian film actor and film producer), Jessy Randhawa (Indian Model & Actress), Yashpal Sharma (Indian Cricketer), Pervez Musharraf (Pakistani politician and military figure), Frederick W. Smith (Founder, chairman, president and CEO of FedEx- American) , Alyson Stoner (American teen actress, dancer, singer and former model)........................ (In Image... Series same as Named Above - Left to Right) Reason for listing above people is to make my readers understand that, each number follows certain pattern and above list reflects pattern for number 11 people, born today, as explained below. (Let's Play a Numbers Game) People born today, Under Number 11, 11 is composed of two 1's, Like we all know Number 1 represents Sun, two 1's makes person a very Authoritative and stubborn in nature, its very hard to convince such people to change their mind Sixth sense and other spiritual energies along with power to convince is very high in Number 11 born people compared to other number 2 born people, like 2nd, 20th and 29th. Number 11 people are very confident of themselves, unlike other number 2 people. Number 11 people can be regarded as a good friends by other number born people, but, its hard for Number 11 born people to find a true friend. They often get deceived in friendship and trust. Faith in god and themselves is secret to success in lives of Number 11 born People According to Zodiac Sun Sign, Leo (Leo (July 23 − August 22), Leo Born people are strong willed, Masculine and have great amount of leadership qualities. Element which Rules Sun Sign Leo is "Fire", hence these people are also fiery and Aggressive.

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