Thursday, August 16, 2012

15th August, Born People, Numerology

15th August, Famous People born today are Sri Aurobindo (Indian writer and philosopher), Raakhee (Indian Film Actress), Adnan Sami (British Born - Pakistani Origin - Singer, Pianist, Composer & Musician) , Natasha Henstridge (Canadian fashion model turned actress), Ben Affleck (American actor, film director, writer and producer), Melinda Gates (American philanthropist and wife of Bill Gates)........................ (In Image... Series same as Named Above - Left to Right) Reason for listing above people is to make my readers understand that, each number follows certain pattern and above list reflects pattern for number 15 people, born today, as explained below. (Let's Play a Numbers Game) People born today, Under Number 15, This compound Number of 15 is composed of 1 Sun and 5 Mercury to form 15 / 6 Venus, 1 & 5 are Neutral to each other, this combination gives Intellect, ready wit, modernism and material success, literature, fine arts and popularity to its natives. Number 15 receives more co-operation, festivity, love and luxury than any other Number 6 birth-date formats like of 6 & 24. Number 15 born people look very attractive and young for long and will captivate everyone easily, they can be very refined and dynamic orators and are very talented. Number 15 born people are very good in debating and they have the ability to be happy at all times.

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