Thursday, August 16, 2012

16th August, Born People, Numerology

16th August, Famous People born today are Saif Ali Khan (Indian Actor), Upen Patel (Indian Model & Actor), Manisha Koirala (Indian Actress), Shivnarine Chanderpaul (Former captain of the West Indies cricket team), Fu Mingxia (Female diver, multiple Olympic gold medalist and world champion), Agnes Bruckner (American actress)........................ (In Image... Series same as Named Above - Left to Right) Reason for listing above people is to make my readers understand that, each number follows certain pattern and above list reflects pattern for number 16 people, born today, as explained below. (Let's Play a Numbers Game) People born today, Under Number 16, This compound number is composed of 1 Sun and 6 Venus, this Venus is benefic planet, but it becomes malefic in combination with Sun, thus, SUN and VENUS, here become natural enemies. 16th Born people will have to face many troubles in life, 16th born people are idealist outside but inside they are pleasure seeker. 16th Born people may have sad married life but will be blessed with good and successful children. Number 16 People are calm from outside, but turmoil from inside, People are naturally attracted to you, but you hardly show or give affections to them. 16th Born people will have great mental strength compared to those born on other forms of number 7, as 7th and 25th. They are born talented, must get proper guidance to bring their exceptional and uncommon talents to blossom According to Zodiac Sun Sign, Leo (Leo (July 23 − August 22), Leo Born people are strong willed, Masculine and have great amount of leadership qualities. Element which Rules Sun Sign Leo is "Fire", hence these people are also fiery and Aggressive.

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