Monday, August 20, 2012

20th August, Born People Numerology

20th August, Famous People born today are

Rajiv Gandhi (7th Prime Minister of India), N. R. Narayana Murthy (Indian businessman, software engineer and the founder of Infosys Technologies), Ben Barnes (English Actor), Amy Adams (American actress and singer), Randeep Hooda (Indian Actor),Liana Liberato(American TV & Film Actress) .................... (In Image... Series same as Named Above)

Reason for listing above people is to make my readers understand that, each number follows certain pattern and above list reflects pattern for number 20 people, born today, as explained below. (Let's Play a Numbers Game)

People born today, Under Number 20, The compound of 20 is composed of 2 & 0, here 2 is Moon and Zero(0) Number denotes eternity and endlessness, Here Number 20 offers a magnified qualities of Number 2 i.e. Peace and Happiness, Relationship and harmony but here Zero makes a person impatient, nervous and ever changing and dependent on others.

Number 20 born people are more emotional, soft and caring than other Number 2 born persons, but often world doesn't accepts the loving and caring nature of 20 Born people, causing them suffer anxieties, delays, depressions, un -successful married lives and this can also make Number 20 people Approach Spiritualism.

Number 20 born people have a very powerful imagination, world will accept them as leader and will be willing to follow them.

Number 20 people should avoid being selfish, to live more happy and successful lives

According to Zodiac Sun Sign, Leo (Leo (July 23 − August 22), Leo Born people are strong willed, Masculine and have great amount of leadership qualities. Element which Rules Sun Sign Leo is "Fire", hence these people are also fiery and Aggressive

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