Friday, August 17, 2012



2 + 0 + 1 + 2 = 5 - Number 5 Represents Planet Mercury

Year 2012 with Numerological Calculations becomes, Number 5
A year ruled by Planet "MERCURY"

Mercury Plays a Primal role in TRADE, GOVT & PUBLIC RELATIONS,
Number 5 comes exactly in between 1 & 5 and hence People born under influence of Number 5 or Countries, Cities, Places or People with Name Number 5 will be well-known and popular in all sections of society.

Important characteristics of Number 5 is, It attracts and entice people from all walks of society.

YEAR 2012 Makes a Numerological Total of Number 5 and hence it proves to be a beneficial year for all people born under influence of number 5, Cities, Countries, Places with Name Number 5

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - Name Number - 5 ...

Year 2012 & USA has won largest number of gold medals in London Olympics to become the leading Gold Medal Winner for Year 2012 - London Olympics

DUBAI - Name Number - 5 ...

Year 2012 & Dubai like always is attracting more tourism and becoming more popular as a most happening Travel & Shopping destination in Middle East

SOUTH AFRICA - Name Number - 5

Year 2012 & South Africa like always is expanding its wings to success and developing as a African Nation

SACHIN TENDULKAR - Name Number - 5

Year 2012 & Tendulkar - Little Master is rocking as always and has been nominated for "People's Choice of the Year award" for year 2012 by LGG ICC Awards.

VIRAT KOHLI - Birth date Number - 5

Year 2012 and Kohli is exhibiting more polished performance with his bat and is proving himself as key player for Indian Cricket Team
Has 2 Nominations on his name from ICC - Under categories of
1) ICC Cricketer of the Year
2) ICC ODI Cricketer of the Year

GAUTAM GAMBHIR - Birth date Number - 5

Year 2012 and we see Gambhir rocking as always and offering more better performance from his baggage of cricketing talent.
Has Nominations for LG ICC Awards under Category of

ICC Men's ODI Cricketer of the Year

MAHENDRA SINGH DHONI - Current Running Age Number (32) - 5

Year 2012 and we see our Captain Cool back in form after a slow 2011 Year, and as always, Dhoni brings more trophies home with his captaincy talent for Indian Cricket Team
Has been nominated for LG ICC Awards for category of "Cricketer of the Year"

Other Popular People with Number 5 are

KAJOL - Birth date Number 5
ABHISHEK BACHCHAN - Birth date Number 5
ROHIT SHETTY - Birth date Number 5
AMIR KHAN - Birth date Number 5
Himesh Reshamiya - Birth date Number 5
VIDHU VINOD CHOPRA - Birth date Number 5

Since Number 5 Represents MERCURY & As we all know MERCURY is very sensitive to Temperature
Hence in YEAR 2012... It will be a year of Extreme Temperatures in Summer (Extreme Hot Temperatures) / Winter (Extreme Cold Temperatures) & It's also possible to observe more FIRE ACCIDENTS this year around the world.

YEAR 2012 Will be a Positive year for People Born on 5th, 8th, 14th, 17th, 23rd & 26th of Any Month

Also it will be a Positive year for Sun Signs "GEMINI" & "VIRGO" ruled by Mercury