Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Numerology at its best... Life is a Numbers Game !!!

Article below is using "Cricket Team" & "Cricket Matches" as an example to exhibit the kind of perfection Numerology holds over predicting events of life and how well the Numbers govern Events happening in and out in The Universe.

Two Teams Battling in a Cricket Match, away from any sense of knowing or believing that someone sitting way-far from from the place of event (Cricket Match Venue) can well predict which team will score victory.

Both the Teams (Cricket Teams) will have best playing 11 selected, by the best people known as members of selection committee of the Cricket Board associated with participant team.

Every player as a member of Team will do his best and want to deliver his best part as a contribution to the success of this team. But someone Working upon Numbers of both Teams battling will know results well before the matches begin in real time.

All the practice session before the game and previous match records have a different story to say, and when Numerologist sit across with Pen & Paper... they come out with a surprising result to announce.

Here is a short example below... how Numerology knows each and every event of life well before in advance...

Below given examples are chosen so as to make Numerology easy and understanding for all my readers

Match 1: Sri Lanka v Zimbabwe

Tuesday, September 18 / 9 - Numerology Day Number 9

Result: Sri Lanka beat Zimbabwe

Sri Lanka - Name Number 18/ 9

Zimbabwe - Name Number 28 / 1

Match 8: Australia v West Indies

7:30 p.m. Saturday, September 22/ 4 - Numerology Day Number 4

Result: Australia beat West Indies

Australia - Name Number 22 / 4

West Indies - Name Number 37 / 1

Match 12: Bangladesh v Pakistan

7:30 p.m. Tuesday, September 25 / 7 - Numerology Day Number 7

Result : Pakistan beat Bangladesh

Pakistan - Name Number 25 / 7

Bangladesh - Name Number 32 / 5

Match 20 : Pakistan v India

Sunday / Sep 30 / 3 - Numerology Day Number 3

Result : India beat Pakistan

India - Name Number 12 / 3

Pakistan - Name Number 25/ 7

Match 13 : Sri lanka V New Zealand

Thursday, Sep 27 / 9, - Numerology Day Number 9

Result : Sri Lanka best New Zealand

Sri Lanka - Name Number 18 / 9

New Zealand - Name Number 42 / 6

Match 21 : West Indies vs New ZeaLand

Monday , Oct 01 - Numerology Day Number 1

Match Result : West Indies beat New Zealand

West Indies - Name Number 37 / 1

New Zealand - Name Number 42 / 6

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