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MICHAEL JACKSON - Numerology Analysis

Musician, Singer-songwriter, Arranger, Dancer, Entertainer, Choreographer, Music Producer, Actor, Businessman, Philanthropist

Born : 29th August 1958

Birthdate Number : 2 (High Affinity Numbers 2 & 7)
Destiny Number : 6 (High Affinity Number 9,3 & 6)
Destiny Number 6 is Best Suited for Career in Music, Arts & Entertainment. ... SALMAN KHAN - SONAKSHI SINHA - SANJAY DUTT share same Destiny Number 6)
Name Number : 44 / 8
Ruling Planet : Mercury (Sun Sign - Virgo)
Ruled by Number 5

Important Numbers for MICHEAL JACKSON : 2, 7, 6, 9 & 5

MICHAEL JACKSON - Name Numerology

M(4) + I(1) + C(3) + H(5) + A(1) + E(5) + L(3) = 22
J(1) + A(1) + C(3) + K(2) + S(3) + O(7) + N(5) = 22

Name Number 44 / 8

Name Number 44 Numerological Interpretation :

Name Number 44 helps in earning money and fame easily. But, It's a Number of Tragic End. Double 4s of Uranus leading to Saturn's 8. Great commercial strategists. Adept at matters financial. The quaint relationship between 4 and 8 is exhibited in this name. The two 4s suggest fatality, dignity and strength. And they better be strong enough to resist temptation! Greed and avarice usually bring about the downfall of this number.Numerology meanings for Name No.44 reveal that you do not attain the success that you really deserve.You are highly knowledgeable. All news about the current affairs in your society are in your finger tips.But the Saturn in your name number afflicts you with obstacles, difficulties, and disappointments.


1964 : Year Number 2
Age Number 6
Debuted on the professional music scene along with his brothers as a member of The Jackson 5 in 1964

Lucky Number 9 for MJ : Year Number 9
Year 1971 : began his solo career in 1971
Year 1980 : Jackson became a dominant figure in popular music

Prominent Number 2 for MJ
Year 1982 : Year Number 2
Jackson's 1982 album Thriller is the best-selling album of all time.

Year 2009 : Year Number 2
Jackson died of acute propofol and benzodiazepine intoxication on June 25, 2009, after suffering from cardiac arrest (Courtesy Wikipedia)
June 25th 2009 : Makes a Destiny Number 6 same as Destiny Number while Birth for MJ

Number 2 & 6 and Entertainment Industry :

Lucky Combination of Number 2 & 6 in MJ's Chart is Secret of his fame and Success in Entertainment Industry.

Michael Jackson : Birthdate Number 2 / Destiny Number 6
Amitabh Bachchan : Birthdate Number 11/2 / Ruling Planet - Libra - Ruled by Number 6
Shahrukh Khan : Birthdate Number 2 / Name Number 42 / 6
Al Pacino : Name Number 29/ 2 / Ruling Planet Taurus - Number 6

Number 44 :
Michael Jackson Name Number in 44 / 8 is Main Cause of Troubles in his life
One can never lead a happy and peaceful life with Name Number 44/8, and their life will be full of controversies and scandals. Their marital life will be a great tragedy. This is evident as even though Michael Jackson is the king of Pop, his personal life was a mess. He undergone divorce, painful accusations on molestation, and serious damage of reputation in his career.

The media has commonly referred to Jackson as the "King of Pop" because, throughout his career, he transformed the art of music videos and paved the way for modern pop music. For much of his career, he had an "unparalleled" level of worldwide influence over the younger generation through his musical and humanitarian contributions. Jackson's work continues to influence numerous hip hop, rock, pop and R&B artists. BET described Jackson "as quite simply the greatest entertainer of all time" and someone who "revolutionized the music video and brought dances like the moonwalk to the world. Jackson's sound, style, movement and legacy continues to inspire artists of all genres (Courtesy Wikipedia)

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