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RAVINDRA JADEJA - Numerology Analysis

Popularized as SIR RAVINDRA JADEJA, in Online sarcasm and jokes

Birthdate Number : 6
Destiny Number : 8 ( Total of : 06- 12- 1988)
Name Number : 35


R(2) + A(1) +V(6) +I(1) + N(5) +D(4) + R(2)+ A(1) = 22
J(1) + A(1) + D(4) + E(5) + J(1) + A(1) = 13

22+ 13 = 35

Numerological Interpretation of Name Number 35

Opinions sharply divided here. By one school, the person inherits money, fulfils travel urges, and lives in peace and seclusion by choice. Will go a long way, when compared to where he came from. Name Number 35 also warns about a fear of losing all the fame earned through hard work and of humiliation.

Positive Traits of Name Number 35 / 8 :

Ambitious. Capable. Dependable. Efficient. Executive ability. Fine leadership abilities. Good at starting projects and getting others to finish. Good judge of character. Good judgment. Handles money wisely. Likes nice things. Makes a good boss. Musical and/or athletic ability. Organized. Physical stamina. Practical. Prudent. Realistic. Sets goals. Successful.

Negative Qualities of Name Number 35 / 8 :

Careless with money. Hard. Impatient. Materialistic. Needs philosophical study. Pushy. Represses feelings. Thoughtless.

RAVINDRA JADEJA : Born 6th December 1988

Birthdate Number : 6
Destiny Number : 8 ( Total of : 06- 12- 1988)
Name Number : 35

Number 8 & 6 have played a Vital Role in his Career

Playing for Indian International Cricket Team - Ravindra Jadeja Sports a Jersey Number 8

Jadeja made his ODI debut against Sri Lanka on 8 February 2009 (Date Number 8) and scored an unbeaten 60 in that match

In 2012, Jadeja became the eighth player (Number 8) in history, and the first Indian player, to score three first-class triple centuries in his career

Year 2013 - Year Number 6
Feb - March 2013 - Australia Tour of India
In the historic 4-0 home Test series win against Australia in February–March 2013, Jadeja took 24 (Number 6) wickets, dismissing the Australian captain Michael Clarke five out of six times in the series which cemented his place in the team as an all-rounder despite not contributing much with the bat. His seven-wicket haul including a five-for in the second innings of the final Test match earned him the Man of the Match award

Popularized as SIR RAVINDRA JADEJA, in Online sarcasm and jokes

With SIR as Prefix to his name Ravindra Jadeja, His Name Number adds to a very potential Number with assurance of Success in Sports Fraternity


S(3) + A(1) + R(2) = 6
R(2) + A(1) +V(6) +I(1) + N(5) +D(4) + R(2)+ A(1) = 22
J(1) + A(1) + D(4) + E(5) + J(1) + A(1) = 13

6 + 22 + 13 = 41

Numerological Interpretation of Name Number 41

41 can become a leader of men. Obstacles will move themselves out of his way. Will accomplish what is impossible for others. Can become a leader respected by all and sundry.

Year 2012 - Year Number 5
On Twitter and Facebook, he is jokingly referred to as Sir Ravindra Jadeja since an online joke calling him the same went viral and as Per Numerology -

Any name that gets popularized will start emitting Vibrations of Particular Number Assigned with Called Name.

Destiny Number 8 and Name Number 41 / 5 has transformed his performance, Consistency and Fame in Cricket World

Year 2012 - IPL Season 5

Jadeja was bought by Chennai Super Kings for $2 million (approx. Rs. 9.8 crore) Jadeja was the most expensive player of the year's auction.

He won the Man of the Match award in the second match of the season against Deccan Chargers for his all-round performance (48 runs off 29 balls, 5/16 in 4 overs)

Year 2013 - IPL Season 6

Sir' Ravindra Jadeja is proving his worth this IPL season - IBN Live Leading News Channel - Posted Apr 21, 2013 at 08:08am IST

the man picked up for $2 million at the 2012 IPL auction is enjoying a good run this season. If he keeps it up, the critics should back down and that #SirJadeja hash tag will continue to grow in popularity. - IBN Live (21st April 2013)

ICC Champions Trophy - 2013

Allrounder Ravindra Jadeja was declared the man of the match of the ICC Champions Trophy final against England and was also given the 'golden ball' for picking the most number of wickets - 12, in the tournament.

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