Tuesday, July 16, 2013


There are no accidents and no coincidences in the Universe . Everything that's happening in this universe has reason to happen that way, and all these reasons are not created overnight... Life is a Process.

Life is a Process.... as we all know... process requires a process to come through and make things happen. And while we are reaching destiny of these process, and later facing event like success, Fame, Name, Glory, failure, accidents and miracle etc., etc., We fail to realize it all started from somewhere enveloped in Code.

Universe has a Code to every Event, Universe has a pattern to follow.

Universe is communicating to us day to day, event by event, through these codes and patterns in many different ways possible.

Numerology is one of such Science among many, known to modern day human to study and analyze codes and patterns through which Universe is communicating to us.

After-all Numbers are all around us, Our Life starts with numbers, and we live surrounded with Numbers all our life, House Number, Birth Date, Our Name, Car Licence Plate Number, Zip Code, Country Code, Nations Name, Flags, and so much more...

Everything in this world is Either Named or Numbered, Life is a Numbers Game.

Come learn basics of Numerology to know, what Universe is communicating with you.

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Sheelaa Bajaj said...

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