Wednesday, August 14, 2013

67th Year of Independence in India

2013 15th August ... India completes 66 Years of Independence & enters in 67th Year. 67 ( 6+7 = 13/4) = 4 : Number 4 Denotes Planet RAHU / URANUS

RAHU (Head of Demon Snake - As per Hindu Astrology) is shadow planet. RAHU is known to bring Social Divisions, Changes in Political Systems, Introduce New Laws and Reforms. (Rahu is Planet of Upheaval on Political, Economical & Geographical aspects.)

67th Year of Independence Ruled by RAHU / URANUS will add Across Border Tension, Increase in Crime against women in calender year 2013 is very much possible & as this 67th Year progresses to Calender year 2014 Risk of Natural Calamities & Accidents will be high.

Dangers of Natural Calamities and Terror Activities will be high compared to other years. Crime and Illicit Activities may Increase for earning Money & Fame.

Peoples Interest in Astrology, Numerology & related sciences will increase. Gold Prices may soar new heights. New Inventions & Investments in Electronics & IT section is highly probable.

Sudden Danger, Corruption, Frauds may surface.

Past Independence Year Ruled by Number 4 - RAHU / URANUS
58th Year of Independence : 5+8 = 13/4 (Year 2004 August - 2005 August)
26th Dec 2004 - Earthquake / Tsunami in Southern India
26th July 2005 - Mumbai Floods


Sheelaa Bajaj said...

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NIraj Yadav said...

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