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IMRAN KHAN : Numerology Analysis

IMRAN KHAN : Numerology Analysis

IMRAN KHAN is celebrity, and former cricketer after retiring from Cricket, He entered politics. Besides his political activism, Khan is also a philanthropist, cricket commentator, Chancellor of the University of Bradford and Founding Chairman of Board of Governors of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre. Through worldwide fundraising, he founded Namal College, Mianwali in 2008

IMRAN KHAN : Born 25th Nov 1952

Birthdate Number : 25/7
Destiny Number : 8( Total of 25 + 11 + 1952)
Name Number : 26/ 8


I(1) + M(4) + R(2)+ A(1) + N(5) = 13
K(2) + H(5) + A(1) + N(5) = 13

13 + 13 = 26 /8

IMRAN KHAN : Numerological Interpretation :

There are two ways to calculate your Name Number
1) Your First Name
2) The way the Full Name is Written / Most Addressed

1.1) Your First Name describes your life on Personal Level - Among Friends, Family Life & Emotions

FOR IMRAN KHAN : FIRST NAME : IMRAN : Name Number 13 : Numerological Interpretation

NAME NUMBER 13 Numerological Interpretation :

Unexpected events of sorrowful Nature occur frequently, Men of this Name Number have bitter experiences and face lots of problems because of women. A change of plans, and place. There are upheavals and strife, but within each change, there is the seed of a new beginning. Those with this number should acknowledge that change is valuable, and there is no point in resisting it. A few numerologists argue that it is a symbol of power, which leads to destruction, only if it is misused. It is said, He who understands the number 13 will be given power and dominion. I would contend that only a highly developed mind will know the right use of power, and so, for the rest of us, it is a difficult number. Prosperity may be there, but so will confusion.

2.1) The way the Full Name is Written / Most Addressed ( First Name + Last Name / First Name Only for ppl with no last name) describes your social life - Career, Strengths & Weakness


Name Number 26 : Numerological Interpretation

Numerology meanings for 26 give you the benefits of 2 & 6. You are ruled by Moon in 2 & by Venus in 6. As such you should climb to the top with your imagination and the attraction given to you by Venus. But Saturn in 8, which is the total of 2 & 6 in 26 arrests you midway with many obstacles and impediments.

Numerology meanings for 26 reveal that you have an element of Venus in all your actions. You have a charming personality. People like you just like that. You impress them with your thoughts and power of speech. You like to climb to success and come out on top of all others. But more often than not you get unexpected obstacles, financial difficulties, and interference from the Government. Saturn gives you these setbacks.

This Number denotes poverty in old age and fruitless efforts. They undergo great losses due to friends and partners. This number is full of the gravest warnings for the future. It foreshadows disasters brought about by association with others; ruin by bad speculation, unions and advice. When considered in connection with future events, one should carefully consider the path one is treading. This would ensure fantastic success. 26 has wisdom. Partnership is a strict no-no. Tread cautiously where investments are concerned. This number reduces one's span of life and earns enemies who may go the extent of murdering them.

These people, who at first began their life with great principles, will later change their minds and will end up in pursuit of money and status. A number of distinct fatalities. Life is active and full of luxury, provided caution and prudence are always kept at hand. Very sad when associated with a prominent 4 in the birth date.

Popular Name Number 26 are Renault, Barack Obama, Larry Page, Mark Cuban, Salma Hayek, Jude Law, Mariah Carey & Sania Mirza are all 26s.

IMRAN KHAN : Born 25th Nov 1952

Lucky Numbers are 7, 2 & 8

Lucky Number 7 & IMRAN KHAN ( With Number 7 follows Number 2 & 1)

IMRAN KHAN made his First Class cricketing debut at age of 16 / 7 (Age Number 7)
Year 1982 (Year Ruled By Number 2) : Imran Khan took over the captaincy of the Pakistan cricket team
Year 1991 (Year Ruled by Number 2) : He had founded the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust, a charity organisation bearing the name of his mother
Year 1996 (Year Ruled by Number 7) : Khan founded a political party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)
11th May : Date Number 2 (11) : He represented Mianwali as a member of the National Assembly from November 2002 to October 2007, he was again elected on 11 May 2013
11th May 2013 : Date Ruled by Number 2(11): Khan assumed office as the Member of National Assembly of Pakistan
7th Dec 2005 : Date Ruled by Number 7 / Year Ruled by Number 7 (2005) : Khan assumed office as Chancellor of University of Bradford.
16th May 1995 : Date Ruled by Number 7 (16) : Khan married Jemima Goldsmith, in a traditional Pakistani ceremony in Paris.

Lucky Number 8 & IMRAN KHAN ( With Number 8 follows Number 5 & 3)
Year 2012 : Year Ruled by Number 5 : According to Asia Society, Khan was voted as Asia’s Person of the Year 2012
On 14 July 2010, (Date Ruled by Number 5 (14)) Khan was inducted into the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame.
Year 1992 : Year Ruled by Number 3 : leading his country to victory at the 1992 Cricket World Cup
Year 1992 : Year Ruled by Number 3 : In 1992, Khan was given Pakistan's civil award, the Hilal-i-Imtiaz
Year 2012 : Year Ruled by Number 5 : GlobalPost ranked him third in a list of the top nine world leaders who influenced the world the most in 2012, behind Christine Lagarde and Barack Obama while more influential than Hillary Clinton, Kim Jong Un and Aung San Suu Kyi
Year 2012 : Year Ruled by Number 5 : According to Pew Research Center, seven out of ten Pakistani respondents offered a favourable opinion about Khan. The survey also revealed that Khan enjoys incomparable popularity among youth
Special Number 3: Khan achieved the all-rounder's triple (securing 3000 runs and 300 wickets) in 75 Tests (7+5 + 12/3)

"ENGLAND" : Name Number 26 : Played Very Important Role in IMRAN KHAN'S LIFE:

on 21 June, Imran Khan married in a civil ceremony at the Richmond registry office in "ENGLAND"
Khan Graduated from the Royal Grammar School Worcester in "ENGLAND"
Khan made his test cricket debut against "ENGLAND" in 1971
Later, he debuted in the One Day International (ODI) match, once again playing against "ENGLAND"
The historic Victory of 1992 Cricket World Cup final against "ENGLAND", In captaincy of Imran Khan.
Khan led Pakistan in its first ever test series win and this was followed by Pakistan's first series victory in "ENGLAND" during the year 1987

Khan focused his efforts solely on social work. Imran Khan Foundation is another welfare work, which aims to assist the needy people all over the Pakistan. It has provided help to flood victims in Pakistan.[51] Buksh Foundation has partnered with Imran Khan Foundation to light up villages in Dera Ghazi Khan, Mianwali and Dera Ismail Khan under the project 'Lighting a Million Lives'

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