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Numerology of Age Numbers  & It's Significance

Ruling Age Number plays very significant role in life. Your Age Digit usually points to your attitude, approach, energy level, sense of security -- or lack thereof -- etc., and thereby tends to influence the way you deal with what your other cycles bring to the foreground. The result can be positive or negative, depending, in large part, on the compatibility of your Age Number with core numbers of Birthdate and its Personal Strength Potential

How to Calculate your Age Number :

Current Year - Year of Birth = Ruling Age Number
Example : Born on 12th May 1984 : Age Number Calculation for year 2014
2014 - 1984 = Age Number 30, Hence from May 2013 to May 2014, Age Number 30 will rule the subject.

# I
Born : 4th August 1961
Birth Date Number : 4
Destiny Number : 2
Name Number : 26 / 8

Year 2012 : US Presidential Elections
Barack Obama while in age 52, / Age Number 7, (Number 2 & 7 are in high affinity) won again to be 45th President of USA.

# II
Born :  31st March 1938
Birthdate Number : 4
Destiny Number : 1
Name Number : 33/6

Shiela Dixit lost Delhi Election in Year 2013, after a record three consecutive electoral victories in Delhi
Age Number 76 / 4, Number of Sudden Loses and Age Number 4 not compatible with her core numbers, In December 2013 elections Sheila Dixit lost the election to Arvind Kejriwal by a huge number of votes

Born : 16th August 1968
Birthdate Number : 7
Destiny Number : 3
Name Number : 40 / 4

At Age Number 46, Age of Prominence and Number in Affinity with his birthdate Number 7 and Name Number 4, got him respective victory. He defeated Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit in her constituency in the 2013 Delhi Legislative Assembly election.

# IV
Born :  11th October 1942
Birthdate  Number : 11 / 2
Destiny Number : 1
Name Number  : 43 / 7

At Age of 40/4, Suffered a near fatal intestinal injury during the filming of fight scene for movie Coolie, in July 1982.  Exact Date 26th July 1982, got him severest injury of his life at age of 40/4.
Number 4 is individually is Number of negative energies, bringing setback to bachchan with injury to his intestine.

Born : 24th April 1973
Birthdate Number : 24 / 6
Destiny Number : 3
Name Number : 50 / 5

At age of 40 / 4,  Following poor performance in 2012 series against England, Tendulkar announced his retirement from One Day International format of Cricket in Year 2012. Exact Date : 23rd Dec 2012.
Age Number 40/4 brought down Sachin's ability to score big runs ( from April 2012 to April 2013 Period of Age Number 40/4) eventually resulting into him making a retirement decision.

Note :
Age Number can be weak numbers, but if age number is in compatibility with either of four core numbers from birthdate, that particular age number will prove significant in bringing success.
Age Number when not in harmony with core numbers of birthdate may attract failure, misery, loss of power and other difficulties.

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