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BOISAR & JAPAN : Chaldean Numerology Analysis

BOISAR & JAPAN : Chaldean Numerology Analysis

Its all in Name and so is the case with "BOISAR & JAPAN"

B (2) + O(7) + I(1) + S(3) + A(1) + R(2) = 16 / 7

J (1) + A(1) + P(8) + A(1) + N(5) = 16 / 7

16 / 7 : 7 is Ketu / Neptune was once demon and was cursed in Hindu mythology of planetary history.  Due to this frustration, he wreaks his vengeance on humanity.

Numerology chart for 16 reveals that Compound No. 16 has two numbers. No.1 & No. 6. No. 1 is ruled by Sun. He bestows on  courage, convictions, uprightness, and leadership qualities.

No. 6 is ruled by Venus. It enriches looks and gives an attractive personality. It strives to make you succeed over other. No. 7  Number 16 brings along amazing capabilities for material success and uncommon talents.

Name Number 16 makes to shine in science, technology, law, and religious pursuits. This Number 16 signifies speedy progress and a sudden downfall. Ancient texts depict this Number by a picture showing "shattering of a tall tower and king with his crown falling from the top"

"BOISAR & JAPAN" both have seen speedy progress compared to neighboring nations/cities and have also seen many grave warnings of strange fatality awaiting, danger of accidents and mishaps always surrounded both places.

In 1945 attacks on Hiroshima claimed around 85000 to 160000
& in Nagasaki between 55000 to 85000

and many other losses to humanity & material wealth keeps happening through Natural calamities like Tsunami & Earth Quake in few years cycle.

It has largest network of chemical Industries and Numbers of accidents is also increasing alarmingly claiming huge lose to humanity & Material wealth.

Graph of last decade shows, minimum of 1 Industrial accident of high intensity happening every year in Boisar, showing hidden negative aspect of Number 16.

Life is a Numbers Game

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