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Love, Romance, Friendship & Chaldean Numerology

Love, Romance, Friendship & Chaldean Numerology

Love remains something we all long for, at least on the receiving end, but that we also seem to have so much trouble finding, or recognizing love, It would be much easier to use Numerology as a tool for identifying right person.

Its all about "Compatibility" of souls and heart, something that can't be created or destroyed. It's already in existence. We only need right scientific tool to recognize compatibility.

Among all other sciences of checking compatibility, Numerology is easiest and reliable to great extent in verifying compatibility.

Various Factors to be considered for checking Compatibility through  Numerology

BN : Birth Number ( Single Digit derived from Birth Date)
DN : Destiny Number ( Compound Number derived from Total of Birth Date)
SM : Solar Month Number
FN : First Name
CN : Calling Name ( Most Addressed Name)
NN : Official Name (Full Name)

Hint : SM : Solar Month Numbers are in 3 variants.

1. SM : Solar Month Ruling Element
2. SM : Solar Month Ruling Planet
3. SM : Solar Month Ruling Number

Numerology has 4 Elements in SM
Air, Water, Fire & Earth

Same Element people are compatible
example :
Boy born 27th April : Element Earth
Girl born 12th September  : Element Earth

Friendly Element Ruling Number people are also compatible
example : (Elements are diff but Ruling Planets are friends)
Boy born : 5th June :  Element Ruled by Number 5
Girl born : 10th Dec : Element Ruled by Number 3

People with friendly BN, BN or DN, DN  or SM, SM are compatible, it also requires FN, & NN to be in harmony for happy life.

Compatible Numbers combinations are as below :

1&1, 1&5,1&9,1&7,1&3
2&2, 2&7, 2&3, 2&6,
3&3, 3&1, 3&9, 3&5, 3&9
4&1, 4&3
5&1, 5&3, 5&5, 5&6, 5&9
6&5, 6&6, 6&7, 6&9
7&1, 7&2, 7&3, 7&6
8&1, 8&3, 8&5, 8&6
9&1, 9&3, 9&5, 9&6, 9&9

Above have only mentioned compatible Numbers combinations for single numbers to keep information short and easy to understand. Adding information about influence of compound Numbers would make whole thing more complicated.

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