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Chaldean Numerology Science : 68th Year of Independence in India & Pakistan

Chaldean Numerology Science : 68th Year of Independence in India & Pakistan
2014 15th August ... India completes 67 Years of Independence & enters in 68th Year. 68 ( 6+8 = 14/5) = 5 : Number 5 Represents Planet BUDH / MERCURY
MERCURY is the smallest planet in Solar System, known for its mercurial, versatile, fascinating and speedy nature. Mercury is a Planet of Mixed temperament and dual nature. It has amazing potential to bring success but at the same time, Mercury also has this fragile tendency to turn flop at last moment, like descending graph.
Mercury is Friendly with Mars (9), Jupiter (3) , Venus (6) , Sun(1) & Saturn (8)
Mercury results Terrible in combination with Rahu/ Uranus (4), Ketu / Neptune (7) & Moon (2)
68th Year of Independence in INDIA
6+8 = 14/ 5 (Influenced by Mercury)
I (1) + N(5) + D(4) + I(1) + A(1) = 12/3
It makes friendly combination of Mercury (5) & Jupiter (3) / India
68th Year of Independence in India will attract Positive vibes. Positive Influence of Number 5 / Mercury will attract more OverseasTrade, Name & Fame, Good Social Relations with Nations Worldwide & Appreciable Developments in Government & Private Sectors
Since 68 is compound number with combination of 6(Venus) + 8 (Saturn), While Venus attracts luxury, wealth, abundance & Strength in Materialistic Forms by all means, Saturn will play very judgmental role on ethical grounds. Hence it could also result in sudden downfall of economy in mid of steady growth.
68 compound Numbers though forms 5 of unlimited growth possibilities. Number 6 & 8 vibrate at exactly opposite frequencies.
6 Demands grown at all conditions, attracts public attention,becomes Social Success, Mass Leader, wealth accumulator and well established on materialistic ground.
8 has dual nature. if afflicted will be satanic in nature or will play as pure saint. Any unethical moves by its prefix partner 6 will be turned down by Saturn (8) resulting in failure, loss & downfall.
This combination of 68 has dual nature. Much depends on govt policies.
Influence of Social Media will observe new height in India, New & Existing Writers, Poets, Novelist will get much deserving platform. It will be good year in terms of sports for nation.
India will possibly add New Trade Partners & Overall Image of Nation could observe great transformation if Judgmental Saturn is not challenged on ethical ground.
68th Year of Independence in PAKISTAN
6 + 8 = 14/ 5 (Influenced by Mercury)
P(8) + A(1) + K(2) + I(1) + S(3) + T(4) + A(1) + N(5) = 25/ 7
It makes Inimical Combination of Mercury (5) & Ketu / Neptune (7)
68th Year of Independence will create Social Havoc for Pakistan with this Inimical Combination in Action.
Nation will see spoiling relations with neighboring nations, downtrodden overseas trade profits. Negative impact on economic strength & Integrity of Nation will be highlight of 68th year of Independence in Pakistan

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