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2015 :
2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 8
Number 8 Represents Planet Saturn ( Shani in Hindu Astrology.)

Ancient texts for SATURN, Number 8 depict Saturn in  a seated pose with a weight balance in his left hand, knife in his right, and  both his eyes tied up with a cloth. It reveals that Saturn stands for justice.  He administers justice without fear or favor. He weighs your past deeds and punishes you accordingly.  

Year 2015 : Influenced by Saturn, Planet of Karma will induce it's trend throughout Year. 

Year 2015 : Year Ruled by Saturn / Shani / Number 8

1) Metal, Oil, Paper, Liquor & Gold Business will be highlight of this year.
2) Number 8 Represents Traits of Power, Money & Spiritual Bliss, above traits will be highlight of year 2015.
3) Since Number 8, Saturn is Planet of Karma, Many Surprising events may unfold in this year.
4) Rise in Suicide Cases could be observed in Year 2015
5) Health Problems related to abdomen & Intestine will rise in Year 2015.

Year 2015 Will b Beneficial for below Zodiacs :

Capricorn : Born 22nd Dec to 21st Jan
Taurus : Born 22nd April to 21st May
Virgo : Born 22nd August to 21st Sept
Libra : Born 22nd Sept to 21st October
Gemini : Born 22nd May to 21st June

Year 2015 Could not be good  for Below Zodiacs :

Aquarius : Born 21st Jan to 19th Feb
Aries : Born 22nd March to 21st April
Cancer : Born 22nd June to 21st July
Scorpio : Born 22nd Oct to 21st Nov

Year 2015 Will be Neutral for Below Zodiacs :

Pisces : Born 19th Feb to 21st March
Sagittarius : Born 22nd Nov to 21st Dec
Leo : Born 22nd July to 21st August

Lucky Colors for Year 2015 :
Yellow, Dark Green, Grey & Sky Blue. Yellow is best throughout year.

Unlucky Colors for Year 2015 :
Black, Red, Deep Brown, Navy Blue & Other Dark shades should be avoided around the year.

Year 2015 & Name Numerology  Conflicts :

Year 2015 : Year Influenced by Judgmental Planet Saturn may probably bring Countries, Cities and Organizations with below Mentioned Name Number in Highlight for wrong / bad reasons
Name Numbers  : 2, 4, 7, 8 & 9
Places forming combination such that more than 2 numbers from above sequences are present in date and name pattern,  may definitely result in Negative Vibes.

2015 : Number 8 / Year of Saturn May also bring rapid progress to some business organizations and may cause doom of few.

Year 2015 :
Year Ruled by Saturn : Planet Saturn is considered very important in Vedic / Hindu Astrology, it plays vital role in shaping destiny. Fate Line in palmistry is designated as Saturn Line.  Fate Line is primarily responsible for ups and down in natives life. Year 2015, Represented by Saturn will be year Influenced by Karmic Pattern of Past Karmas. 

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