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NAME NUMEROLOGY & KARMA : Chaldean Numerology Science

NAME NUMEROLOGY &  KARMA : Chaldean Numerology Science

It is believed that the name given to a person comes naturally to his/her parents or caretakers from the universal consciousness, and is in best possible alignment with the past karma of previous lives for that person. Birthdate decodes pattern of karma an individual will have to face in current birth. Name given ensures that individual shall not escape from cycles of karma brought into effect by birth date core numbers.

Though the fate of an Individual is predestined according to his/ her karma in previous birth. Miseries suffered by person can be reduced to great extent and quota of good luck can be showered by Name Change


I am sure many are interested to know if Name Change really works and if Name has to be correct phonetically as well or not.

Name brings its optimum results on repetition. Phonetic of repetition of RAMA becomes mara mara, but this does not alter the boons of chanting RAMA.  Various languages will generate various meanings according to their language phonetics. Suppose your name is corrected phonetically based on Sanskrit or Hindi language which promises good money, but based on some other language may mean trouble in the family life. So does that means that with the SAME NAME as a result of one language you may get money but at the same time ruin family life due to some other language phonetics.
NO !!! Phonetics is way of Confusing divine Science of Numerology.


NAME : It is actually a collection of words and if we look at it closely it is some thing similar to mantra. (mantra are words received in inspired Rishis). Actually Mantras are potent vibrations which attract certain powers like Magnet. Mantras for different power harness are different. Similarly Names for different purposes or powers have different vibrations.

Names in Vibrations of Number 3 have different interpretations ranging on various compound numbers combinations.  Number 21, 30,39, 66 & 75 are positive and rewarding in all senses, whereas Numbers like 12, 48, 57 attracts struggle.

Compound Number combination has to be chosen with proper calculation considering birth date core numbers.

Name Change Influence :

Name Change doesn't directly change your destiny rather name change changes your personality, habits and hence automatically by self-effort you change the destiny. One has to remember that the fundamental course of destiny cannot be changed and moreover the names take some time to stabilize and produce the results.

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